Our Online Tools for our virtual Intergalactic Board Game Day:  Pandemic Edition


***Discord Server:  There is a Discord server that is set up to help organize before the event and also to provide a common voice chat during the event.  Please e-mail me (Josh Glantz aka Chief Armorer) @  ca@wfbarmory.com  and I will send you a link to join our discord.  I'll remind people that this is a family-friendly event and no inappropriate language will be tolerated on the server.

Boardgamearena.com:   This online site has a number of games to play and it is browser based.  It is free to play, but, if you want access to all the games, you need someone with a premium membership in your group.  We will have premium members setting up and running games all day.   If you are curious, here is their about page.   It has a nice interface and  games have a timer.  There is an internal chat feature, but it can be glitchy.  We are going to recommend you use our Discord server.  Games for the convention will be played in real time, but you can play asynchronously.



Yucata.de:  This online site is also free and has a wide selection of games.  There are no restrictions and it is supported entirely by donations.  It too is browser based.  It does not have audio chat features, so we are going to recommend using Discord with your game mates.

http://www.boiteajeux.net:   Another free board game site.  This has a nice selection of games and a good interface.

Steam:  An  app driven primarily paid site.  Steam has a number of apps our members play.

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