Giant Carcassonne


Z-Man Games gave us permission to create a large sized Carcassonne.  Bigger is always better and this game is big.  The Brain-Child of David Harvey, people around Honesdale have enjoyed Giant Carcassonne at Table Top Day, our regular game night, and even the Sullivan Boyz Muster.  Now Giant Carcassonne is taking a road trip to Gen-Con Indy.


From the  Gen-Con Catalog:  BGM1465812

Beautifully rendered scaled version of Carcassonne that is super fun to play large! Super Cool Prizes for the winners courtesy of Zman games!  They are supplying wonderful prizes for the winners!  Tiles are 1' each to give you the scale!  We constructed  this game o meticulously and appreciate Zman giving us permission to make and play Giant Carcassonne!


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